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Michigan Decorative Ceramic Tile

cora petoskey commemorative tile

Our designers and staff are creators of amazing Michigan-made ceramic tile. Specializing in decorative, gift and custom ceramic tile, Tileworks was founded in 2010 with the mission of providing superior quality ceramic tile to the retail industry.  Whether it’s souvenir tiles or an entire kitchen backsplash installation, we have done it all.  We work in the classic Arts & Crafts style and are co-located with a historic pottery just outside of Petoskey, Michigan where we have over 30 years of experience in creative clay and production. Our tiles are featured in installations and sold through galleries and through selece tile distributors across the U.S.

Custom Decorative Tile

Many of our decorative tile designs are inspired by our surroundings in Northern Michigan. We are fortunate to live in one of America’s most beautiful places and our work often reflects that.custom commemorative tile

One of our specialties is the design and creation of affordable custom commemorative tile. Our custom installation work has included fireplace surrounds, kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, shower surrounds, etc. Basically, if a customer can think it, we can make it a reality in tile.

custom tileWe also work with reseller and institutional clients to design and produce custom commemorative tiles. These are sold in galleries and by non-profits to be used as awards, corporate promotions, fundraisers, non-profits, etc.

Classic Tilemaking Techniques

We press all of our tiles using classic methods and molds that have been hand carved or cast from our original designs.  We use clay developed right here in Michigan.  Our tiles are stoneware and thus suited for indoor or outdoor applications.

Visit the Tile Studio

Our studio is always open for tours. You are welcome to come visit and view our studio where we design and create our custom decorative tile.  We will walk you through the entire process of tile making from concept to the final product.  You can see our original designs, mold, firing process, glazing techniques, etc.  Come by and tour the studio or call ahead for group tours.