Commemorative Tiles

Our commemorative tiles are great to use for fundraising, specific events, awards, anniversaries and also corporate gifts. Using our process we are able to take a customer’s ideas, renderings, photos, etc. and create a hand-carved custom tile.  Just like all of our tiles, our commemorative tiles can be used for installation as well.




Our Process

Our design process usually starts with a customer’s idea.   We can do design work in-house to make your design ready to translate to tile or we can give you art specs to hand us a ready to carve design.  We charge a small hourly fee if we need to spend over an hour getting the design ready to translate into clay.  Custom commemorative tiles can be made in a variety of sizes, including custom sizes, but we usually suggest 4×4 or 6×6.  

Please contact us for more information, artwork specs, pricing and any other questions you may have.  We look forward to creating tiles for you!

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